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Heemali is currently studying her diploma in animal magic healing under the supervision of Niki

During her time working in SEN environments, animal therapy was used regularly, as interaction with animals has been known to reduce stress-related hormones and raise levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body. Which are the hormones that calm and relax the nervous system. 

Whilst battling challenging mental health for many years, Heemali combined her love for animals and trauma informed yoga in her own practice. She found this to be profoundly nourishing for her nervous system and is passionate about sharing this experience with others that may be struggling or just want to have a unique yoga experience with some doggy cuddles.

Each session is tailored to the individuals needs but can include; meditations, pranayama, restorative asanas and Yoga flow (with your furry friend) depending on your needs.

You are welcome to bring/use your own dog for these sessions, which you can also use as a great bonding experience. Alternatively Pluto (Heemali's gorgeous cockapoo) will be present at each session as he adores human interaction.

The sessions are currently being offered individually, however group/corporate sessions can also be arranged.

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