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Trauma informed specialist

There is no single way to support trauma; no one practice or approach suits all trauma survivors or experiences. Heemali works with individuals to address their specific challenges, guiding them back to their bodies. All her group, school, and corporate sessions are trauma-informed.


Yoga for Trauma

When humans experience trauma, whether emotional, mental, or physical. It often affects not just the mind but is also held in the body. Yoga for trauma uses movement and breathwork to support individuals dealing with complex trauma or PTSD. Unlike a typical yoga class, these sessions emphasize gentle movements, mindfulness, and breathwork to help manage stress, anxiety, and promote healing.Each session is tailored to the individual, approached with the necessary sensitivity.

Trauma informed yoga

Trauma-informed yoga is an approach that acknowledges and addresses the potential triggers of trauma on individuals during practice. It focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment, empowering participants to make choices about their practice, and avoiding triggering language or physical adjustments. This approach is designed to promote healing and empowerment for trauma survivors, incorporating sensitivity and awareness throughout the session.

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