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Heemali is a Yoga Alliance registered, post lineage facilitator and has trained in Trauma Informed Yoga (YTT 200hrs), Embodied Anatomy, Pranayama and restorative CPD with Barefoot Body training,  foundation course with Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) and is also an animal magic practitioner.


Heemali offers specialist Yoga sessions for Trauma survivors and trauma informed yoga sessions. These can be booked directly with Heemali through the connect page. Please find more information about these sessions here.


Heemali suffered burn out and nervous system dysregulation after working in the corporate sector. Due to this she is able to emphathise with those experiencing similar symptoms. She offers movement and meditation sessions in corporate settings as she believes staff wellbeing has a huge impact in staff retention and long term sick leave.


Heemali offers inclusive accessible movement sessions in both mainstream and specialist education schools as well as universities. These sessions offer healing for students experiencing neurological, physical or complex disabilities and help reduce anxiety and stress, specifically during exam season. She is also working alongside Anglia Ruskin university as part of the Trusted Adult Scheme where she offers yoga and breathwork workshops to vulnerable young adults.

Secured Settings

Heemali facilitates yoga and meditation sessions in prisons to inmates as part of the prison phoenix trust. She also offers accessible sessions to patients in hospitals, please get in touch here for more information about these specific sessions.


Heemali offers accessible fun Yoga flow sessions to large groups and parties.


Heemali offers multiple wellbeing sessions at retreats and festivals both in the UK and Europe. She has worked with festivals such as LoveJam, Medicine Man and Secret Garden Party to name a few.


Heemali facilitates one to one/small group sessions from her small studio room in her home or the individuals home. She uses organic cork yoga mats, organic buckwheat filled bolsters, organic cotton blankets and eye pillows in her sessions.


"All that we are is a result of all that we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become" - Buddha.

There is sometimes a misconception around meditation, leaving people to think that you have to sit still and quiet, empty the mind and that it will put you at ease from day one. This is absolutely not the case! Heemali explores different ways of finding stillness in the mind. She utilizes a number of techniques to achieve or enhance the meditative state of the individual including music, voice, Pranayama and sometimes movement. She connects with energy and specializes in guided meditation in order to balance the chakras, occasionally calling upon crystals.


Exploring breathwork can enhance relaxation and reduce stress. Whether it's deep belly breathing, rhythic patterns, or specific techniques, find out what works best for you in one of Heemali's breathwork sessions .

Animal Magic Healing

It is no secret that animals feed off their owners energy at all times. Heemali is an animal magic practitioner, she offers yoga and massage sessions for the owners and their animals. If you have an anxious/stressed animal, it can mean that they are feeding off your energy. Working together with movement and animal massage allows you both to feel safe and create more trust, resulting in re balancing both your nervous systems.

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